A Podcast That Explores Our Self-Similarity Across Our Diversity

Fractal Friends is the podcast where we explore our self-similarity across our diversity.
The purpose of this show is to interview people with interesting and diverse perspectives on the world and see what we can learn from each other.

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Host: Duncan Autrey

Host: Duncan Autrey

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The Fractal Friends host, Duncan Autrey, is a Conflict Transformation Educator & Catalyst. He works with individuals, companies and organizations to learn skills and create systems that allow them to thrive and evolve through conflict, complexity and diversity.  Visit his professional website here.

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Duncan Autrey is a Conflict Transformation Educator & Catalyst that works with others to create systems of communication and interaction that allow people and organizations to thrive and evolve through complexity and diversity.  
In The Fractal Friends Podcast, he explores our self-similarity across our diversity with people who have interesting and diverse perspectives on the world. 

Visit his professional website here.