"Transforming Political Engagement" with J Manuel Herrera

J Manuel Herrera

J Manuel Herrera

J. Manuel Herrera is an elected official in San Jose/Silicon Valley who envisions the transformation of the public square in our communities and emerging 21st Century politics that is whole, generative, and personally transformative. In this episode we talk about his experiences and observations from being involved in politics throughout his life. J. Manuel shares strategies for effective political advocacy based in viability mutual regard and respect developing a web of relationship through transacting with others. Finally we examine the value of inner work to humbly face the mystery and paradox of life. This episode is a master class for effective political activism for anyone who wants to make real change in this world.

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Three Precepts for Being Authentic, Whole, and Influential in the Public Process

A community fabric is woven through these practices, and a web of relationship and life is established and sustained.

1)      Visibility – Seeing & Being Seen: In every area of the public process there is a civic village of public process practitioners, a discernible, human-scale community where you can deeply know others and be intimately known by them, providing unanticipated possibilities for partnership and change.

2)      Mutual Regard – Giving & Receiving Recognition: We are ALL worthy of recognition and respect, even those with whom we passionately disagree.  This does not support self-righteousness or demonizing others.

3)      Transactions With Others – The Tao of Interdependence: Life is about a constant give-and-take.

Here is an excerpt from Manuel’s upcoming book, The Reconciliation of Love & Power: A New Civic Gospel of Freedom and Human Potential


“From two profound life paths of politics and spiritual practice, I have come to know that the

personal and the political are one. There is no separation between the two seemingly disparate

paths of politics and spiritual practice. To wit: Politicians can be real in the presence of

harmony, approval, abundance, and clarity. You and I will err and lapse into unconscious,

regressive behaviors when compressed in the crucibles of life’s challenges and conundrums.

The truth is, when baptized in the archetypal fires of Life, we are all spiritual beings and we are

all politicians.” (Read More)


This episode includes music from Trevor Justice. Listen to the song “Right Here at Home” here, or go to https://www.trevorjustice.com/songs/ to get three song downloads.

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