"Transforming the World with an Open Heart" with Abdul Mujeeb Khan

Abdul Mujeeb Khan

Abdul Mujeeb Khan

Meet Abdul Mujeeb Khan, who I know as Abdullah. He is a facilitator and consultant working in India.

Abdullah's mission and life’s work is to transform the world through the transformation of human heart and opening to love as a guiding force in the world. In our conversation he shares the fundamental importance of becoming who you really are and living your best self.

In this episode we also talk about letting go of the hope that we'll succeed and the fear that we won't. Abdullah shares about the resistance and feedback that Islam is getting from the world as parts are pulled into extremism. And we talk about the profound beauty of Islam as it invites people into a personal relationship with creation.

Abdullah is a friend, and I personally find this and every conversation with him to be a healing balm on my heart and soul.



Abdullah and I met in Margaret Wheatley’s training program Warriors for the Human Spirit. You can learn more about the training program here.

We need leaders who recognize the harm being done
to people and planet through the dominant practices that
control, ignore, abuse, and oppress the human spirit.
We need leaders who put service over self,
stand steadfast in crises and failures, and
who display unshakable faith that
people can be generous, creative, and kind.

-Margaret Wheatley

Here is the poem by Hafiz that I read in this episode. "Several Times in the Last Week”

Ever since happiness heard your name it has been running through the streets trying to find you.
And several times in the last week, God Himself has even come to my door
Asking me for your address!
Once I said, “God, I thought You knew everything. Why are You asking me where
Your lovers live?”
And the Beloved replied, “Indeed, Hafiz, I do know everything.
But it is fun playing dumb once in a while. And I love intimate chat
And the warmth of your heart’s fire.”
Maybe we should make this poem into a song, I think it has potential!
How far does this refrain sound, for I know it is a Truth:
Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets
Trying to find you.
And several times in the last week, God Himself has come to my door,
So sweetly asking for your address, wanting the beautiful warmth of your heart’s fire.


The music in this episode is by Gone Gone Beyond. The featured song is called “It All Comes Down to Us,” featuring Danny Musengo.

Their whole new album, Things Are Changing, is amazing and you can listen to it and download it here.

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