"World Peace, One Family at a Time" with Katharina Dress

Katharina Dress - Aging in Harmony

Katharina Dress - Aging in Harmony

Meet Katharina Dress. She is a mediator, facilitator, coach and trainer. Her business is Aging in Harmony (www.aginginharmony.com). Katharina specializes in supporting families that are struggling with issues related to aging parents. In this episode we talk about the power of compassionate communication and the wisdom she’s gained while working with families and aging family members. She shares her experiences growing up in Cold War Germany, her work in California during the Peace Movement and her journey to discovering mediation. Katharina shares her insights on the vital importance of having important and sometimes difficult conversations with ourselves and our families.


In this episode we talk about the transformative impact of John Kinyon's work: Mediate Your Life. Check out more below:

Find Duncan's “Tools for Effective Listening and Speaking” here.


This episode features music by KR3TURE (“Creature”). The song “Watch It Grow” (feat. Catherine Feeny) can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud or BandCamp.