“Bridging Indigenous and Modern Wisdom & Music” with Daniel "El Suchi" Garcia

Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia

Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia

Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia is an artist, director, music producer and all around visionary. Born in Guatemala he is the bridge of his indigenous and European roots.

In this episode we discuss healing trauma across generations. We open up about the importance and difficulty of uplifting people voices of indigenous and traditional peoples without co-opting them or pretending like they're are our own. We talk about the importance of leading with a positive vision of the future that inspires others and comes from listening to our heart.

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El Suchi is working with friends to organize a new transformational and sustainable festival called Wachalal. The first version was in February of 2019. Stay tuned at https://www.wachalalfestival.com/


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Tecún Umán was the a leader of the K'iche' Maya people. He was killed by the Spanish conqueror of Guatemala. This is a wound that we all are invited to heal.

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This video “Nau” with Amy Secada is directed by Daniel “El Suchi” Garcia. The music in this video is also produced by El Suchi and is featured in the podcast episode.

Here is the video about Remix Culture that Duncan mentions in this episode: “Everything is a Remix

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