"Talking about Racism: Unmasking the Elephant in the Room" with Ann-Ellice Parker

Ann-Ellice Parker

Ann-Ellice Parker

Ann-Ellice Parker is an anti-racist educator, dear friend and elder in the Bay Area. In this episode we talk about race in America and take a deeper look at the systemic nature of racism machine. What is at the heart of dehumanization? We acknowledge the trauma that lives in our bodies and how we face that through interacting with it every day. Many questions arise in the episode, some we can answer and others we cannot. Ann-Ellice puts a call to action to wake up to what is happening, what has been happening and see that we all will benefit from liberating ourselves and each other from the systems of oppression. All meaningful change has to happen systemically.

Ann-Ellice facilitates The Talking about Racism: Unmasking the Elephant in the Room - A series of six interactive and progressive workshops exploring racism in contemporary American society. To see what is covered during this series click here.



Defensiveness, power hoarding and fear of open conflict: Tema Okun from dismantlingracism.org breaks down White Supremacy Culture and points out how organizations unconsciously use these characteristics as their norms and standards to make it difficult, if not impossible, to open the door to other cultural norms and standards.

Get clear definitions on core concepts like equity, micro-aggressions and implicit bias here.

Here you can you’ll find a comprehensive 2017 Factsheet by The State of America’s Children® that summarizes the status of America’s children in 11 areas: child population, child poverty, income and wealth inequality, housing and homelessness, child hunger and nutrition, child health, early childhood, education, child welfare, juvenile justice and gun violence.

Inequality Charts - As early as preschool, black students are punished more frequently, and more harshly, for misbehaving than their white counterparts. More charts on the disproportionate wealth gap, segregation, and incarceration can be found here

The Racial Wealth Gap - Read and learn more here in this short paper written by Janelle Jones on “The racial wealth gap: How African-Americans have been shortchanged out of the materials to build wealth”.

Breaking White Silence and Stepping up your Work - 13 ways you can leverage your resources and break white silence.

What are microagressions? Racial microaggressions are brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, de-rogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color. This articles outlines 7 racial microaggressions in everyday life.


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