"Let's Make Everything Organic" with Armando Davila

Armando Davila

Armando Davila

Armando Davila is a friend and social change agent. I feel grateful for having a dialogue with someone that I know will push back when he disagrees and that I know that will also take the time to understand what the other is saying. Armando once did deep work he did to understand what was really going on for White Supremacist nationalists in the US and Europe. It is a rare person who can fight against something while also working hard to understand and have compassion for it at the same time.

This a meandering conversation through many topics ranging from organic agriculture and white supremacy to the mysterious edges around science and spirituality.


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Here are the videos Part 1 and Part 2 of our conversation. The video got cut off at some point. Edited version with proper sound coming soon.

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