"Power, Love and Nonviolence" with Kazu Haga

Kazu Haga, Kingian Nonviolence Educator

Kazu Haga, Kingian Nonviolence Educator

There is a lot of opportunity for healing in our country these days, It’s hard to see how we can effectively make change in our lives, our countries and the world. If you’re struggling to understand how we can heal our world, this episode may be the perfect medicine for you.

Kazu Haga is a teacher of Kingian Nonviolence, and in this episode he offers up the wisdom of the great leader of nonviolence, Dr. Martin Luther King. The wisdom here is as important today as it was back in MLK's time, and this episode gives us a real taste of what it would like. This conversation doesn't just say that we need to work together, it shows us how to do it.

Plus Kazu breaks down the ingredients of accountability and reconciliation:

Accountability = Insight + Remorse + Amends
Reconciliation = Accountability + Forgiveness



The podcast called The Thread has dedicated their 3rd season to “The History of Non-violence.” It is a six episode series that follows the history of non-violence back Martin Luther King, back to Bayard Rustin, Mohandas Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, William Lloyd Garrison and all the individuals that contributed to keeping this powerful tool alive.

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