"Culture of Collaboration" with Dave Savage

This episode is conversation with collaboration consultant and author Dave Savage. We talk about how the leaders of the future will need to be able to collaborate, we talk about his career spanning from energy executive to environmentalist and how social change needs to be profitable and innovative.

Dave can be found at  www.davidbsavage.com

Dave is a friend and colleague of mine so the conversation is more intimate than usual. I get a chance to talk about what I call the three rules of conflict. Together we develop the idea of the rushing flow of change towards a future that we know is there but cannot see, like drops of water going to the ocean. 

Our business, the Collaborative Global Initiative can be found here. 

Dave's new book is called Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration. The first person to leave a comment about the episode and to sign up for the Fractal Friends newsletter will get a copy of the book. 


Dave Savage

Dave Savage