"Cultivating Radical Gratitude" with Barbara Ford


Barbara has been an activist, therapist, facilitator, singer, and artist.  She is an impassioned leader of the Great Turning and a visionary artisan of cultural evolution.  

On this episode Barbara shares what to do during The Great Turning.  In these times of injustice, ecological crisis, and cultural dissociation, we talk about the tools to help us re-connect- to our hearts, our creative capacities, our communities, and our planet.  Barbara explains what it means to live in a culture of disassociation and how we can all be empowered by radical gratitude.


To learn more about Barbara's Radical Gratitude Project, click here.

Check out more on Barbara's website here. 

You can listen to and buy music from Barbara's album Blue Earth here.

During this episode, Barbara and I talk about David Steindl-Rast and his work on gratitude. You can here an interview with him on one one of my favorite podcasts: On Being, "The anatomy of Gratitude."

We also talk about the song "Step Forward" by Cloud Cult. You can hear that and see them perform it here: