"An Honest Love Letter to America" with Al Letson

Al Letson

Al Letson

Fractal Friends returns from a long hiatus with an episode called "An Honest Love Letter to America." The conversation with performer, podcaster and artist Al Letson is a provocative exploration of the beauty and challenges that face America. This interview was recorded in July of 2016, long before anyone imagined that Donald Trump could be President of the United States. As such, the conversation reveals a degree of optimism and clarity about the state of America that is hard to find today. 


Much of the conversation is inspired by Al's work as a podcast host. Here are links to his podcasts: 

State of the Re:Union is an award winning show where each episode explores an American city or theme. There are five seasons and heaps of great episodes. See if your city is featured.

Reveal is a news show produced by the Center for Investigative Reporting. 

Errthang Show is Al's personal pet project where he explores a range of themes ranging from comic books to parenthood.

Al's play about the experience he describes at the end of the podcast, Summer in Sanctuary, is running at The Marsh in San Francisco until February 25th. Here is a clip below. 

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