"Recapturing Afro-Cuban History" with Gloria Rolando

Gloria Rolando

Gloria Rolando

I present to you the fifth episode of Fractal Friends. This is one of a series of podcasts with Cubans that I recorded during a trip in February. This episode is a conversation with documentary filmmaker Gloria Rolando. In the conversation we discuss the power of story and film to bring history to the present. Gloria specializes in Afro-Cuban history. Her films can be found online here at afrocubaweb.com


Here is a trailer for Gloria's film 1912, which we discuss in the episode:

My trip to Cuba was organized by a collaboration of the social change organization Art Corps (soon to be Creative Action Institute) and the conscious travel agency Altruvistas. I encourage you to check them both out. They can help you with leadership trainings, travel or just inspire you to dream big. 




Below are some historical images that are related to the Gloria's film 1912. They include: the poster for them film, the group portrait of the Independent Coloreds Party, graphics depicting the massacre of the party, and a photo of the banquet celebrating the massacre.

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