"Martial Practice for Wellbeing" with Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas

Fractal Friends episode number three, and we are leaving behind the hippies... for now.*

This episode is a conversation with martial arts teacher, musician and body worker Matt Lucas. In this conversation we talk about the importance of being able to be with life as it is: with stress, sex, aggression and all the things. Matt makes a compelling argument that martial arts can profoundly serve us as we strive to ground ourselves in our bodies and our lifelong journeys.


Here are some links that can help you get in touch with Matt.
This is Matt's blog, music and personal website: www.themattlucas.com
This is Matt's martial arts website: www.theopenmatt.com

*Next episode is with Barbara Bash, buddhist artist and calligrapher, where we talk about the value of art, 

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